Sculptware Company History

In April, 1996, Cadkey Inc., first introduced the only industrial strength VRML authoring tool, SiteSculptor™, making it the first CAD company to offer VRML output in any of its products.  SiteSculptor was and still is the only dedicated VRML authoring tool to offer advanced CAD level modeling tools and a proven high productivity interface.

To assure that SiteSculptor will adapt quickly to the needs of this new and fast moving market, the entire SiteSculptor product line has now been acquired by Sculptware.

Formed in October, 1996 by Steve Bongiovanni and Dennis Himes, Sculptware is a spin-off of talent and technology from Cadkey Inc..  Continuing in the traditions of innovation and technical excellence of Cadkey, Sculptware is leveraging this existing technology and its long experience in 3D design and software into the rapidly expanding fields of VRML and VR content.


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