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Sculptware is building its business on a core of 3D technology developed at Cadkey inc., XOX Corporation Inc., and elsewhere over the course of the last fourteen years.  This is not a hodgepodge of tools thrown quickly together just to take advantage of new opportunities in the market, but a well architected application of 3D modeling technology.  We have a complete and robust core of 3D technology and an advanced geometry engine which we are delivering into this new market in the form of services and tools.  This level of service and these advanced tools are what clients and users are now demanding as this market matures.

For in-house use, custom programming, and consulting services, we utilize a large set of proprietary tools that we can quickly customize to meet the immediate needs of our clients.  This includes the core geometry tools of the SiteSculptor™ product line and a complete set of VRML specific tools for both custom content creation and custom applications.  We can provide our clients with complete stand-alone authoring applications specific to their needs, or we can provide specialized interfaces or enhancements to the basic SiteSculptor product offering.

For advanced end users, content creators, 3D graphics modelers, and VR artists, we offer a robust 3D modeling and VRML authoring tool based on our core 3D technology.  SiteSculptor is the first advanced CAD level 3D modeler specifically tailored for VRML authoring.  With its complete set of geometric modeling tools, users can create compelling 3D content in a high productivity environment.  Building on this robust core has allowed us to offer unique features such as our AutoLOD automatic levels of detail, and advanced rendering methods, and leaves us with a tremendous competitive advantage in the long run as the market matures and other tool companies scramble to add core 3D modeling technology to their products.

We also utilize proprietary ScanPRO3D™ digitizer hardware to enhance our products and services by offering the ability to accurately digitize large objects or buildings, converting them to VRML objects or environments.


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