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Sculptware provides enterprise solutions for VRML applications, tools, content and software.

Hot off the presses:

SiteSculptor Acquisition:  Sculptware LLC has acquired the SiteSculptor™ VRML Authoring product line from MCS Inc.  (formerly Cadkey Inc.) Read more about it.

SiteSculptor Introductory Special offer:  Purchase SiteSculptor 2.0 now for a special introductory price.   We're not just changing the version number, we've added over 75 new features and functions to increase your VRML authoring productivity.

Enhanced Content Creation Services: By utilizing custom in-house versions of SiteSculptor, we can now provide cost effective solutions to our clients specialized content needs.

SculptPRO™ 3D Digitizing Products and Services Announced:  Utilizing proprietary hardware and software we now have the capability to accurately digitize large objects and spaces, then we can convert that data into an interactive VRML model.  We can digitize anything from a large statue to the facade or interior of a building.  Contact us for more information.


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