SculptPRO™ Interface

SculptPRO is designed for power and productivity.  It uses a CAD oriented multiple viewport interface with orthogonal viewing windows.  This may seem old-fashioned but there is a real reason for this -- productivity.  3D design is not word processing.  We have stuck with a fully CAD-like viewport oriented layout because it is the only one in which you can easily orient, place and juxtapose objects without guesswork.  We also stick with wireframe display for the same reasons, as well as the importance of being able to see behind and through objects while in an editing environment.  Fancy rendered editing interfaces, may look cool but the don't make you more productive.

We have not wasted our time or yours, creating a non-standard VRML browser as the editing environment.  Instead we focus on powerful tools and leave the browsing to the browsers.  To this end we have provided a plug-in interface within SiteSculptor™ that allows you to quickly get a true WYSIWYG view of your creations using your favorite VRML browser.  The browser window comes up within the SiteSculptor interface, but it is a real VRML browser.  In version 2.0 you will even be able to view your work in multiple browsers at the same time to see how your world will look to different users.


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