SculptPRO™ Technology

SculptPRO is an example of Sculptware's ability to seamlessly integrate diverse technologies into a coherent solution that solves real world problems.  By utilizing our in-house expertise and software we have provided a product with capabilities not found anywhere else.

The hardware portion of the system, ScanPRO3D™, is a non-contact 3D digitizer capable of measuring 3-space coordinates on objects up to 30 meters away to an accuracy of 2mm.  Custom versions can measure up to two miles.  Yes, you could digitize Mt. Rushmore if you wanted to.  This unique technology is currently under exclusive license to Sculptware for integration into our services and products, and was developed in collaboration with our technical team.  ScanPRO3D is an active device, and all of the firmware and proprietary control software was developed by the Sculptware technical team.

SculptPRO software is an enhanced version of the SiteSculptor™ VRML authoring tool.  It provides a direct and interactive interface to data collected from the device, and custom versions of SculptPRO can even allow direct control of the digitizer through its own interface.


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