SiteSculptor™ Product Overview

Originally introduced in April, 1996 by Cadkey Inc., creators of the award winning CAD product Cadkey, SiteSculptor is the only industrial strength design tool specifically designed for VRML authoring.  By utilizing a mature and robust core of technology, SiteSculptor offers capabilities that are not available in any other program of its kind.  With a complete set of NURBS surface and solid modeling tools it is the only VRML tool that gives you complete and accurate control over every aspect of your VRML environments.

SiteSculptor's overwhelming strength is in its geometric modeling tools.  But it is not a CAD product to which we added VRML output.  It is complete VRML authoring product with CAD level power.  SiteSculptor does not include features that cannot be utilized in VRML authoring.  The main focus of the interface is to separate the content creator from the idiosyncrasies of VRML code and to allow authoring of worlds from an object oriented point of view.  In SiteSculptor, you don't edit nodes, rather, you work with and apply VRML attributes to objects.


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