SiteSculptor™ Technology

SiteSculptor is built on a core of 3D technology developed at Cadkey Inc., XOX Corporation, and elsewhere over the course of the last fourteen years.  It is this robust and stable core of technology that allows us to react so quickly to changes in the VRML market.  Rather than focusing our efforts on core geometric tools, we have the freedom to focus on the VRML specific features that you need.  Our primary aim is to provide a high productivity authoring environment for people who make their living creating 3D content for the web.  Glitz and flashy interfaces don't make you more productive, high power tools do -- That is what we provide.

By utilizing this core of technology, we provide advanced modeling tools found only in high-end CAD systems like, NURBS surfaces, surface based B-REP solids modeling, dimensionally independent geometric operators, and more.  Also SiteSculptor can automatically convert an arbitrary closed wireframe object into a true b-rep solid, the only other product that we know of which can do this is the award winning mechanical CAD product, Cadkey, from Baystate Technologies Inc.

Our VRML technology is also cutting edge.  Our AutoLOD™ automatic levels of detail feature generates multiple resolutions of objects based on the distance from the viewer, automatically! Once again it is the robust core of tools at our disposal that allows us to easily add innovative capabilities to our products.  For users who still need to edit VRML files by hand to implement special behaviors, SiteSculptor provides a SmartIndent feature that allows complete configuration of the output formatting of the VRML file for readability, ease of editing, and compactness of data.

Our tools provide cutting edge technology to this cutting edge market.


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