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SiteSculptor™ Features

SiteSculptor product features.


  • First VRML authoring tool to offer industrial-strength 3D modeling tools, true CAD solid modeling, NURBS surface creation, and Boolean operators in an easy to use interface.
  • First VRML authoring tool to integrate a commercial VRML browser(Netscape's Live3D) right into its interface to give authors a true WYSIWYG interface.
  • Multiple viewport interface with a direct Plug-in VRML browser window.  Immediately browse either the entire world or just one object.
  • Easy to use attributes interface for defining materials, textures, WWW links, automatic levels of detail, spin, rendering methods, and more.

Solid Primitives:

  • Block
  • Sphere
  • Torus
  • Cylinder
  • Prism
  • Pyramid
  • Tube
  • Cone

Boolean Operators:

  • Union
  • Intersection
  • Difference
  • Trim to plane
  • Section trim
  • Contour punch

Object manipulation:

  • Move, with multiple copy option.
  • Rotate, with multiple copy option.
  • Unidirectional or omnidirectional scaling.
  • Helical array

VRML attributes and controls:

  • Materials.
  • Textures.
  • WWWanchors.
  • AutoLOD Automatic levels of detail.
  • Rendering method controls.
  • Automatic inlining of objects and/or groups.


  • Integrated VRML browser plug-in interface.
  • Multi level toolbar contains all common functions.
  • 3 user levels on toolbars from simple to most powerful.
  • Multiple window interface.  User defined views.
  • Intuitive history bar lists recently selected functions.
  • Customizable tool bars.
  • User defined accelerator keys for any function.
  • User definable alternate mouse buttons.

.wrl Output:

  • Extensive use of DEF/USE for creation of the most efficient files.
  • Legible formatting for easy subsequent editing of file.  Not that you'll need to.


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