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SculptPRO™ Features

ScuptPro3D is integrated into the SiteSculptor™ VRML authoring product, all of the features listed here are in addition to the standard SiteSculptor features.

SculptPRO product features:
3D Digitization:
Non-contact, line-of-site measurement of 3D positional data.
30m measuring radius.  Big enough for architectural scale projects.
Accuracy of +/- 2mm.
Standard version is point-by-point digitization.  Scanning versions available.
Completely self contained digitizing unit, with remote handheld controller.  No wires, all data links are radio.

Data import:
Data from the digitizer is imported directly into the SculptPRO software.
Special recognition routines can identify certain 3D features.

Data manipulation:
Once in the computer program, all data can be manipulated using the standard tools found in the SiteSculptor VRML authoring toolkit.

Data export:
Standard output format is VRML 2.0 Other formats can be provided on a custom basis.


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